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April 2014 - Tips, eNews & More!
Spring is here!

Although it has been an especially long and cold winter, you would be happy to know that the prospect of hosting family barbeques, revelling in short-sleeve weather and lounging by the patio are just around the corner. We promise!

Warmer weather can improve your mood and be smile inducing, so make sure to put your best smile forward. Speak to us! There is a lot we can do to improve your smile and make it all that it can be.

Join us in celebrating National Dental Hygienists Week!

The month of April is Oral Health Month and a great time to get to know your hygienist. National Dental Hygienists Week (April 6th-12th) celebrates these key members of our oral health team and their role in maintaining good oral health. Learn more about our Hygienists here!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our patient satisfaction survey this year. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Until next time, keep smiling,

Dr. Modi and the Parkway Dentistry team

Breaking Bad Dental Habits

It is critical to teach your child the importance of taking good care of their teeth, but you need to keep an eye out for the development of bad dental habits and try to stop them before they start.

Sending your child to bed with anything other than water in their bottle can be asking for trouble by increasing the chance of tooth decay. If you do send your child to bed with a bottle, you should gradually dilute the liquid until it is all water.

For some more bad habits to break, click here.

Feel Energized with Quinoa Tabbouleh

Are you looking for a protein pick-me-up to give you the energy boost needed to enjoy spring?

Quinoa is a tiny seed and whole grain that is light and easy to prepare. It is high in protein and tastes great in many recipes! This salad makes a great snack or lunch and dinner option. And it is easy to store in a container or send it off to school with the kids!

Click here for the full recipe!

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