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May 2013 - Tips, eNews & More!
Warmer Days are Here!

By now you've undoubtedly completed your spring cleaning and finalized plans to take advantage of the season (don't worry, neither have we).

May 5-11 is Emergency Preparedness Week As you begin to plan for upcoming events, we would like to remind you that being prepared for the unexpected (a snow storm in late April for example) can help make the unplanned more manageable. It is suggested that you have enough supplies to support your family's needs for at least 72 hours in the case of an emergency. Are you prepared? Click here to learn more.

Are you planning on playing a contact sport this season? Talk to us about a custom fitted mouthguard. We may not be able to improve your game, but we can help protect your winning smile!

May 31 is World No-Tobacco Day If you are planning on quitting smoking, we may be able to help. Speak to us during your next visit. Once you've kicked the habit, we can whiten any stains and start to repair the damage caused by the tobacco and smoke.

We hope all of the moms out there have a great Mother's Day (May 12) and that everyone takes full advantage of the Victoria Day Long Weekend (May 20).

Until next month,

Dr. Modi and the Parkway Dentistry team


In case you didn't know, last month Dr. Modi and Val competed against eachother in the 10 km run.

Here is a quick recap of how it all started.

It all started when Val said 2 months ago that she ran 7km to which Dr. Modi said "Did it take you 2 hours?" Naturally Val took offense to this and has been training ever since. When they both decided to enter the Brantford Classic, Val then asked Dr. Modi "Are you doing the 1km walk?" Dr. Modi in response to this sarcastic remark, said they should compete in the 10km race to prove who is the best. Val accepted the challenge. Based on previous running times, an arbitrator (i.e. Mary) decided that Dr. Modi would have to beat Val by 5min 30sec to win the bet.

If Val wins, she will receive a spa day package.
If Dr. Modi wins, Val will have to wash his car.


Dr. Modi and Val had a great competition. Dr. Modi came in at 50:18 and Val came in at 56:14 with a handicap of 5:30,
Pio won by 24 seconds!

It came right down to the wire but congratulations to Dr. Modi and all of his supporters! Dr. Modi and Val would like to thank everyone who voted because for every vote, Parkway Dentistry donated $2 to The Boy's and Girl's Club of Brantford.

Smoking and Dental Problems

The effects of smoking on health in general is now well understood. But did you know that smoking also contributes to many dental problems?
  • Smoking increases the risk of oral cancer, which can progresses rapidly and can be deadly if not diagnosed and treated early.
  • Smoking also increases the risk of gum disease, one of the leading causes of adult tooth decay and loss.
  • Smoking tends to delay healing after oral surgery.
  • Smoking damages gum tissue, causing receding gums, temperature sensitivity and eventual tooth loss.
  • Smoking can cause bad breath.
  • Smoking affects the senses of taste and smell.
Not inhaling does not reduce the risk of dental problems. The toxins in cigarettes and cigars increase the risk of oral cancer and gum disease. Even 'smokeless' tobaccos contain these toxins. Quitting – or not starting – smoking is the only answer: talk to your dentist about getting help!

Lighten Up this Spring!

As the weather gets warmer, more local vegetables become available and as you spend more time outside, you will likely crave lighter, colder, more refreshing meals. Instead of the soups, stews and grains that warmed you in the winter, opt for more green leafy vegetables, salads, smoothies, raw soups and juices. This not only results in simpler meals to prepare but will help you feel lighter, rejuvenated and more energized!

Here are 5 key ways to lighten up your meals this spring: Click here

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